Bad Girl?

Bad Girl?

Skull: Atelier Anda Roman

Photographer: Felicia Simion

Collages: Alexandra Roman 


“The Perfect Man takes a false step, apparently commits a moral slip, and we ordinary mortals stand puzzled before the incident”


“Ramayana” by R. K. Narayan 


In response to that 

may it actually be less of an error in judgement on their part

and more of an error in understanding on our part? 


do you believe in personality? 

in fixed characters? 

in roots? 


do you ever stay and think

“Kristen would never do that”

but there she goes

and Kristen does that 

what then? 

God dammit Kristen


instead of systematically observing someone’s behavior and suggesting a consistent personality with consistent virtues and traits 

perhaps we should start understanding that we are a global culture of 


we split things up 

we categorize 

we label


divide things and people up

up and down

bad and good

light and dark


our world is not whole 


fragmented b e c a u se 

that’s the way we choose to see it 


we have fragmented personalities  

giphy (2).gif

everyone of us exhibits a diversity of behaviors and personalities throughout our lives 


what happens to our morals? 

if our behavioral patterns are regulated and consistent to the point of creating a personality 

how is it then that at times

we go against our own morals?

if you think of yourself as a virtuous person 

that you’ve attributed to yourself the trait of honesty 

chances are

you won’t always act in such a trait-relevant fashion


will end up being dishonest 



does that make someone a bad person? 


what about cheating? 

if you are someone with strong values about love and loyalty 

and constantly preach 

the importance of preserving a relationship 



end up cheating? 

isn’t that an inconsistency in your behavior? 

does that mean you’re a bad person? 

does that mean you’ve shifted your personality 

and that now you’re someone who does not believe in love and loyalty?


“The Perfect Man takes a false step, apparently commits a moral slip, and we ordinary mortals stand puzzled before the incident”

I argue that: no

not always


Aristotle reads virtues as “dispositional properties”

because our personality traits are nothing other than dispositions 

a virtuous person will exhibit that virtue in a virtue eliciting scenario 


if the situation is not virtue-favoring 

we can just as easy make the switch 


most of us let ourselves be ruled by emotions

because most of us place so much importance on the external 

to the point

that our dispositions are ruled by the situations we find ourselves in 


our virtues and morals


based on the stories we’re in 



if you willingly place yourself within a tempting situation 

such as

being invited to chill or have dinner 

while being in a committed relationship 

because you think it might be a harmless evening 

and you’re secure in your righteousness 

but yet you

engage in cheating despite your righteousness

where does that leave you?

nowhere because it was your choice


if you unwillingly though find yourself within such situation 

and commit the same act of cheating 

is it the same? 

what if you’re drunk

or confused

or someone takes advantage 

does that mean you’re a bad person? 


one deals with the act of being aware and deciding in the first place to engage

while the other does not 

because the intent of the two is different

but the action is the same

should they be treated differently or the same? 


if you generally believe in commitment

but stray away on one occasion

does who you are change in the eyes of others? 

do you become another human being? 


what if your personality revolves around calmness and acceptance 

in sensitivity and empathy towards others

but then

the situation you’re in provokes you

and one tiny human triggers you 

and on one tiny occasion 

you’re not the very thing that defines you anymore

you’re not sensitive towards the other person

you’re not calm

you’re not accepting 

you turn cold towards them

you shut them out 


does that make you a bad person? 

does who you are change in the eyes of others? 

do you become another human being? 

does one act define who you are 

if it’s a deviation from your values?


If you commit a crime

but have no prior criminal record

ergo your personality according to society 

is not that of a criminal

would this deviation from who “you are”

from your original and “consistent” set of morals 

create a new character out of you? 


do you become someone else when you go against your values due to the situations you’re in?


what if

we don’t have personalities


different skins

that come out based on the prey that lures them out of hiding 


what if 


we’re a different fragment held together

by an illusionary glue 

like social constructs 


good or bad people 

cheaters and non cheaters 

empathetic and non-empathetic people 

sensitive and cruel people 


we’re far more complex 

and ever changing

then we realize 


we are not constant, consistent creatures as so many have stated 

because situations

and emotions

and people 

and everything

affects us 

all in the same time