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Drawing Alexandra Roman.

Drawing Alexandra Roman.





As part of the new Z’s who nurture and aim the power of digital platforms towards a creative and social cause, Human Z World has been tapped by the likes of Forbes and The Webby Awards as featured amongst the top most newly influential and disruptive platforms.

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Human Z World’s disruptive nature comes from a deep yearning of holding accountable a system that has been manipulating and indoctrinating us from the start.

Society has pushed us into suppressing our emotions either directly through constant bashing and negative depictions such as “generation snowflake” or indirectly through coercion and manipulation through the likes of the fake-beauty industry or through the perversion of “self-love” into narcissism and egotism. Society has made us numb and the economy has turned us into pathological consumers. We’ve been injected with a feeling of inadequacy.

Young adults have now created a self-defense mechanism of suppressing emotions; of suppressing childhood traumas which in turn, impede our development of self awareness. We’ve come to treat life seriously whether we lead serious lives or not, leading to a quelling of our traumas, pains and joys.

Human Z World’s main objective is to break and challenge this phenomena by exposing head on the trends we face today from romance to beauty to job hunting to self care by adopting a philosophical lens made approachable for a general public. The purpose is to raise the collective consciousness; to disrupt by creating a collection of art, philosophy and wild hearts;

The goal is to add as many voices as possible through the HumanZ Tales section and offer a platform for inner nurturing.

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        is it?



HumanZ is a provocative self-promotion piece aimed at the Z Generation. From integrating fractured, journalistic poetry to photography projects,philosophical debates and interviews, HumanZ marks a new direction for the online industry of bloggers through its multimedia approach and integration of the artist 3.0. It tackles topics like the selfie culture, fake-beauty, gray-zone sex, spirituality, sexuality, and gender norms, all while questioning the issue of metaphysical identity. Who am I today in a world where immortality is achieved through the digital?


HumanZ is meant to provoke, challenge and inspire.



AUDIENCE      ???

HumanZ's target audience are the M (24-35 yrs) & Z (0-24 yrs) generations on a global scale. The generations of the 21st century whom have been proven to make decisions on an emotional basis rather than a cognitive one. The generations where a virtual component takes precedence in every decision they make. The generations that need to feel connected. HumanZ's approach is to highlight all three of these aspects: emotion, the virtual and connection. My brand is meant to connect humans on a global scale; to make them feel desirable and seen through my interviews and portraits of them; to inspire creativity and innovation on a larger scale than just the classroom. HumanZ is meant to vandalize norms by bringing in change and a passion to fight for what you believe in. HumanZ pushes its readers to ask themselves "what do I stand for? ". 


T. E . A . M



HumanZ is a one woman show, created, conducted and directed by Alexandra Roman(22yrs)— b.a. hons in philosophy, creative writing,studio art and digital.All photography, concepts, design and written work are part of her intellectual property and represented by TZA (tuca zbarcea si asociatii).





  • Website Design & Management

  • Visual Content Generated including but not limited to photoshoots & concepts

  • Social Media Campaigns including but not limited to Instagram & Facebook management of visuals and written content

  • Copywriter for blogging/ vlogging

  • Video Compilations & Editing

  • Brand Re-Invention